Wednesday 2 March 2011

Monthly Make - February

A little late, I know but I made....

felt heart bunting with a crochet edge!

24 hearts all together so enough to make two sets of bunting. I'm really pleased with the results as it looks so bright and cheery strung up across the window. I haven't yet tied in some of the tails but I'll get to that in a day or two.

I'm thinking of making some more in the shape of birds and then also some circles with different pictures on them. Tell me what you think. Don't forget to visit Felt Fairy's Monthly Make Flickr group and Felt Fairy herself.

I have been toying with the idea of starting an etsy shop so maybe these bunting strips could go in there along with some of the pincushions?

On another subject I was visiting the lovely blog of Creative Carmelina where I saw a very pretty Royal Albert teacup she had found. I remembered that just a couple of weeks ago I found a piece of Royal Albert also but not a teacup...a sort of tray?  It's very pretty as you can see but I'm not sure what it's for or if it is just a tray :)

Carmelina also informed me that my followers gadget on my blog was not working so if you have tried to follow my blog in the last few days or weeks then I apologise but it is working now so go ahead and follow me!

I am also progressing slowly with the Spring Scarf Tutorial but I have to admit that I have been sidetracked by those Japanese Flowers.  Our new blog The Flower Bed has had a flying start and over 1/3 of the available contributor vacancies has already gone so if you want to be able to contribute to this wonderful flowery blog you'd better hurry up :)


  1. Hi Rachael, I would like to pass on to you a Stylish Blogger Award. Congrats, I hope you accept! Your blog is always colourful and inspiring - and a pleasure to visit. I was told the following in regard to copying the award image ... please pop over to my blog to read about it and to copy the award picture. Have a fab day.

  2. I think your bunting is really lovely. You should set up an etsy shop - particulalry for your pincushions. I love them and I would (will!) buy one!! Fiona x

  3. I am following your other blog as a reader, I cannot crochet but love your work. I will be posting about my amazing win tomorrow or friday!! love annie x

  4. Beautiful bunting! So bright and cheerful.

  5. Wonderful picture. Love the hearts in the sun. Can't wait to start on my flowers. One last border row and I will be ready to go.

    Kate - ;-)

  6. The bunting/garland is a winner...just beautiful!
    Hearts are forever and whenever.

  7. I love how the light shines through the little hearts, very pretty.
    I think an etsy shop would be a good idea. Your work is certainly good enough!!

  8. Hi Rachael, love the heart bunting and ***LOVE*** the flowers you're doing!! I'm just loving the whole flower "revolution"! LOL

    Hugs from Teresa in Oregon

  9. Hallo Racheal
    I found your blod and I love it!!
    Your Pincushion are so beautifull and the flowers soo cute!!
    I'm coming back!!
    LOL Rita form switzerland;)

  10. Hi Rachael! Thank you so much for the beautiful pincushion! It arrived safely yesterday. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  11. love the beautiful japanese flowers!

  12. Hi Rachael, I've been very impressed with the Flower Bed site and have been visiting now for a few days. I would love an invite to join. I'm leaving you a comment here in the hope that you can extend an invite to me as I am unable to email you. I just love all the lovely crocheting I'm seeing at the Flower Bed and when I visit people's blogs too. I hope you can oblige.

  13. Hello Mosel, Thank you for your comment. I need the email address that you use to log in to your blogger account or one that you want to use so that I can invite you. That is the only way that you can be invited. If you can find a way to email me (my email is in my profile) then I would be happy to invite you to The Flower Bed :)

  14. Nice to find your blogg! very fine things that gives me inspiration!! Thank you I will come back!! :) Maria

  15. Hi Rachael - your blog is so pretty and colourful - thanks for sharing! I really love the flower granny square you used for your cushions and granny blanket edging and I'd be very grateful if you could tell me where you got it, was it from a book a blog or ravelry? if it's your own creation and you want to save it for making items for etsy, I'll quite understand :)

  16. I have a similar tray on my bedside table - I find it just perfect for that early morning cup of tea!
    I popped over from Ravelry to read the story about your Grandmother, very moving. I shall be back to continue reading your lovely, colourful blog.
    Carol xx

  17. Love the garland..early...for next year lol
    Half full now going great isn't it?
    Is that the button for the group?
    Hugs Suz x

  18. Wonderful bunting and the flower granny square, thank you for all this inspiration

  19. The bunting is lovely, so pretty

    I think the Royal Albert tray is a sandwich tray for handing round posh sandwiches to your teatime guests

  20. Love the bunting, especially the way it is backlit by the window. Such a clever idea.
    I also like your birdie mug - where is that from?

  21. The flowers are so beautiful Rachael, lovely colours.. Great blog.. :))

  22. Love the bunting. I think that birds would be super-cute too! Your kitty is so pretty in your sidebar.

  23. Hello Rachael,
    You've received an award from me...Come and pick it from my blog :)
    P.S: I love your work :)

  24. The bunting is very pretty as is everything you do.
    I'm sure your Etsy shop would do well. I was the happy winner of one of your pincushions and I love it.
    I used to work on the Royal Doulton counter in a Debenhams store years ago and I'm sure we called that plate a bread and butter plate.


  25. Hi Rachael,

    Hello and congrats! You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award. You can find more about it here: Crochet Attic
    or here: Stylish Blogger Award


  26. I love your felt heart bunting!
    It´s so sweet and brigth. And I think the bird shape it is a great idea for next spring!
    And I wish you good luck for your Esty shop!

  27. Hi Rachael, thanks for your nice comment about my daisy blanket - you have some lovely colourful things on here. The bunting looks beautiful.

  28. love the hearts

    and plese, please do start an Etsy shop. i will surely visit :o)

  29. How, how, how have I never visited your brilliantly colourful wonderful blog until today? So much delicious crochet to ogle, so much inspiration! Gorgeous! I'll be back!!!!!


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