Sunday 19 December 2010


The weather has been a bit crazy here over the past few days.  I thought we'd escape most of the snowy chaos but Mother Nature had other ideas. I'm a bit worried as my mum is supposed to be visiting in time for Christmas and she is coming by rail.  I thought it would be a good idea for her to come down here as she lives in Lincolnshire and their weather is usually worse but forecasts say otherwise this time - fingers crossed.

We had quite a heavy snow shower this yesterday morning and I caught Mr Fox playing in my garden.  At least someone is enjoying this weather.

As for myself, I have been busy making some crochet Christmas pressies for family and friends but more about that in a few days.

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Plump Pincushions

When I saw Lucy of Attic24's wonderful Christmas Decorations, I realised I had made something similar during the summer this year.  Mine aren't decorations but Pin Cushions!  

It really was time that I made another post as I have had so many things to talk about and share but the problem is that I only had a really crappy camera or a phone camera.  Seeing so many people's amazing photographs on flickr and on my favourite blogs really didn't make me want to post any of mine so I just didn't take any.  

Every time I thought - Oooh! that's interesting I'm sure that would make good blogfodder - I then remembered I'd have to take pictures and well that would let the whole post down.  Weeks and months went by and I'm sure those of you that look at my blog thought I'd abandoned it.  Roll on to December and YaY!  I have a new camera :) 

Of course this doesn't mean that my technique of taking pictures will be any good but I'm going to try my best so just bear with me while I learn.  Sooo back to crochet and the pin cushions. Made with Rico Cotton (mostly) I had so much fun making them.  Some are going to be Christmas presents, in particular one is going to my mum's friend who has been a great help to my mum and I'm so grateful.  I know she'll like it as she already admires the one I made for my mum back in June. One was already a birthday present for a friend of mine who loved it!  Some may go for sale if I think they'd sell as they really are a lot fun to make and so quick as well.

Without further a do, here are the said Pincushions.

My mum uses hers all the time which is a lovely compliment especially as she is brilliant at sewing and could easily make something spectacular herself - but she chose mine *blushes*

I definitely have so much more to show and talk about and now that I have my new camera, it will be blogged and ready on more of a weekly basis.  so, see you next time.


Thank you each and every one of you for such lovely comments!  I'm so happy that someone else likes something that I made - it's a wonderful feeling :)

I'll have a think about making a tutorial/pattern and I will definitely have a go at making one for the scarf which you can see here