Saturday 30 April 2011

Back soon.....

I know I have been away some time. 

Just wanted to let you know that I will be back very soon.  I have had a sudden rush of things to do and have also been bitten by the spring cleaning bug. 

I haven't forgotten you :)

Rachael Xx

Saturday 2 April 2011

Hangers, Bits and Bobs

Here are a few bits and bobs of this and that for you.

Hangers - which colours?

I've made a few of these hangers and found it to be a very enjoyable project indeed.  It is quick and the results are rather fabulous if I do say so myself.  I have only stopped at 6 because I have run out of the wooden hangers.  They are not that easy to find at a decent price, well I can't find any anyway. If you have any ideas please let me know.

The stripey ones look great on their own although I am wondering if I should add a little something to cover up the join.  With the plain ones I have added a rose which covers up the join and looks quite nice but I'm not sure what colours the roses should be. I have made a few cream ones, a blue one and a pink one (I have not attached them properly yet) but wondered which other colours would go nicely. Not sure why my brain seems to have got stuck on this one but I'd appreciate your thoughts. Sorry the pics are a bit yellow but I took them at night.

Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to win a few awards.

Thank you to Leah from why didn't anyone tell me for the 

Thank you to Eileen from Crochet Attic  for the 

Thank you to Sarah from squiggling about for the 

Thank you to Sucrette from Le monde de Sucrette for the 

Please pop on over and take a look at their lovely blogs above, they are all well worth a peek as there are some wonderful things on all of them - as if you didn't know already ;)

You can see the 7 things about me from my previous post here as I am not interesting enough to be able to think of another 7 :)

I'm not passing on any awards again at the moment as I only did just that very recently plus I seem to be coming down with another cold (thank you wonderful children of mine) so don't really feel like any extra work at the moment and am already behind with my blogging schedule.  March Monthly Make will be coming shortly in April and so will will the Victoria Frills Scarf Tutorial (almost done) along with 3, yes 3 different types of give away - woohoo!

I'd like to mention that the lovely Maaike from one of my favourite blogs Crejjion is having give away.  It is open untill the 3rd April and she is giving away some lovely fabric as well as a few other lovelies too. I've already entered and you only have a couple of days left to enter so better be quick!

I was sent an email the other day by Hilde from ildicolor regarding a pin cushion swap. It looks lots of fun and you must leave a comment on the post (link above or click on pic) before April 3rd if you would like to take part.

A few weeks back I had a lovely email from Rhonda about kitty/craft website for people that love to show off their kitties with their crafts.  The link is here and I will be posting my own pictures very soon.  I'd love to see yours as I know many of you love kitties too!

I have finally decided to launch a shop page on the 9th May this year!  Yep I'm going for it - why not :) I hope to add lots of different bits and hopefully not just crochet by the summer as I've had a call from the sewing machine repair man and my machine is fixed - yay!

In lieu of getting the shop ready I have started a facebook page where I will be having updates of new shop products and exclusive giveaways too!  I am currently having a quick giveaway - two prizes (something cute and something not so cute, you'll have to wait and see but I think there will be at least one cute bunny)

To enter the giveaway just go to and 'like' my page

I'll be announcing the winners in about a week so you have a few days left to enter.
Lastly, Kirsty from Kirsties Homemade Home is asking for people interested in crafts and who would like to learn more crafts to send an application form to her.

Click here for the link

Phew! That was a long post.  Back soon with the Monthly Make and Scarf Tutorial.

Rachael Xx