Sunday 19 June 2011

Victoria Frills Spring Scarf Tutorial Part 1

It's finally here!

This Victoria Frills Spring Scarf Tutorial will be in 2 parts.  Part one is for the actual scarf. Pretty simple instructions really.

Part two will be for the flowers. Of course you can put whichever flowers you like on your scarf but I will do a tutorial for a few of mine.

Info: I used a type of yarn that is mainly cotton and has a kind of thick and thin effect that varies between 4ply and double knit (you don't have to use the same). I've only used the basic half treble stitch for the body of the scarf but it looks lacy because I used a bigger hook than usual (4.50mm or a 5mm would do it).

Step 1:

crochet a foundation chain (this should be roughly the length of scarf that you want). Be careful not to make the foundation chains too tight or your scarf will end up a bit of a banana shape!

The scarf can be as long as you like. I usually start the chain and then wrap it round my neck the way I would normally wear a scarf so I can see where the scarf will end when it's completed.  The scarf in the picture was made with XXX chains and it's quite long. I used a 4.50mm hook with cotton yarn that sort of goes thick and then thin. (not sure if there is a name for this type of yarn) as I wanted the main scarf bit to be a little lacy and drape a little too.

Step 2:

Once you have decided how long you want your scarf to be, begin crocheting into the foundation chain using half trebles. Half treble = (insert yarn into work, wrap yarn over, pull through work (three loops on hook) pull through all three loops).

Continue on until the scarf is the width that you would like it to be - simple really.

Step 3:

Now that your scarf is the required width and length you need to crochet around the whole scarf for one row in double crochet. Make sure you have 2 double crochets at each corner if you want a squarish scarf. If you want one with rounded edges then you can ignore this.

This will provide the basis for the frills which are coming next :)

Step 4:

Now for the frills!  First change yarn into the one you are using for the contrasting frills. Into each double crochet make 4 or 5 treble stitches. I like the random frills (not too uniform) so I don't do the same number of stitches into each double crochet and sometimes I just put 3 for a few stitches.  Continue like this until you have gone all the way round the scarf.

Fasten off.

Well done!  You now have the basis for your very own Victoria Frills Scarf.

Cindy I hope you have a smile on your face now :)

A quick tutorial for some flowers will form part two - up next.

Rachael Xx