Saturday 12 June 2010

Promises and Parcels

Promises because I was supposed to be showing you a big reveal of the seven cushions I have waiting to take their debut. Instead I've been really naughty and started another one. *cringe*

It's not as bad as you think ( yes I am trying to convince myself ) because this latest cushion is SPECIAL ;) Why is it so special you ask? Several reasons really. It marks my return to cotton yarns for one and most importantly, it's for me! It's not finished yet - as is usually the case but here is another preview.

I have really enjoyed working with the cotton yarns and definitely prefer them to acrylic although I will still be using good acrylic yarns for various projects.

Today is also very important as I have been very very brave  and persuaded my daughter to set up her sewing machine. I have a terrible fear of sewing and the sewing machine itself. Any hand sewing or darning that I have been forced to do mostly consists of - sew one stitch, stab self, sew one stitch, stab self again :(

The problem is that there are sooo many lovely things out there to make involving sewing so I really must be brave. The only thing holding me back from completing my seven, now eight cushions is sewing linings for them.

Anyway I've taken the plunge and will photograph the results today. Here's hoping we have completed cushions and maybe, just maybe a few other fun bits too.

Oooh!  I forgot to mention the parcels bit.  It was my birthday the other day and my wonderful brother Greg ordered two big cones of cotton for me. One is purple and the other turquoise.  I feel another cushion idea coming on

You can also see that I tried to hide my daughter's sewing machine with my crochet, don't think it will help though.