Sunday 19 December 2010


The weather has been a bit crazy here over the past few days.  I thought we'd escape most of the snowy chaos but Mother Nature had other ideas. I'm a bit worried as my mum is supposed to be visiting in time for Christmas and she is coming by rail.  I thought it would be a good idea for her to come down here as she lives in Lincolnshire and their weather is usually worse but forecasts say otherwise this time - fingers crossed.

We had quite a heavy snow shower this yesterday morning and I caught Mr Fox playing in my garden.  At least someone is enjoying this weather.

As for myself, I have been busy making some crochet Christmas pressies for family and friends but more about that in a few days.

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Plump Pincushions

When I saw Lucy of Attic24's wonderful Christmas Decorations, I realised I had made something similar during the summer this year.  Mine aren't decorations but Pin Cushions!  

It really was time that I made another post as I have had so many things to talk about and share but the problem is that I only had a really crappy camera or a phone camera.  Seeing so many people's amazing photographs on flickr and on my favourite blogs really didn't make me want to post any of mine so I just didn't take any.  

Every time I thought - Oooh! that's interesting I'm sure that would make good blogfodder - I then remembered I'd have to take pictures and well that would let the whole post down.  Weeks and months went by and I'm sure those of you that look at my blog thought I'd abandoned it.  Roll on to December and YaY!  I have a new camera :) 

Of course this doesn't mean that my technique of taking pictures will be any good but I'm going to try my best so just bear with me while I learn.  Sooo back to crochet and the pin cushions. Made with Rico Cotton (mostly) I had so much fun making them.  Some are going to be Christmas presents, in particular one is going to my mum's friend who has been a great help to my mum and I'm so grateful.  I know she'll like it as she already admires the one I made for my mum back in June. One was already a birthday present for a friend of mine who loved it!  Some may go for sale if I think they'd sell as they really are a lot fun to make and so quick as well.

Without further a do, here are the said Pincushions.

My mum uses hers all the time which is a lovely compliment especially as she is brilliant at sewing and could easily make something spectacular herself - but she chose mine *blushes*

I definitely have so much more to show and talk about and now that I have my new camera, it will be blogged and ready on more of a weekly basis.  so, see you next time.


Thank you each and every one of you for such lovely comments!  I'm so happy that someone else likes something that I made - it's a wonderful feeling :)

I'll have a think about making a tutorial/pattern and I will definitely have a go at making one for the scarf which you can see here

Saturday 12 June 2010

Promises and Parcels

Promises because I was supposed to be showing you a big reveal of the seven cushions I have waiting to take their debut. Instead I've been really naughty and started another one. *cringe*

It's not as bad as you think ( yes I am trying to convince myself ) because this latest cushion is SPECIAL ;) Why is it so special you ask? Several reasons really. It marks my return to cotton yarns for one and most importantly, it's for me! It's not finished yet - as is usually the case but here is another preview.

I have really enjoyed working with the cotton yarns and definitely prefer them to acrylic although I will still be using good acrylic yarns for various projects.

Today is also very important as I have been very very brave  and persuaded my daughter to set up her sewing machine. I have a terrible fear of sewing and the sewing machine itself. Any hand sewing or darning that I have been forced to do mostly consists of - sew one stitch, stab self, sew one stitch, stab self again :(

The problem is that there are sooo many lovely things out there to make involving sewing so I really must be brave. The only thing holding me back from completing my seven, now eight cushions is sewing linings for them.

Anyway I've taken the plunge and will photograph the results today. Here's hoping we have completed cushions and maybe, just maybe a few other fun bits too.

Oooh!  I forgot to mention the parcels bit.  It was my birthday the other day and my wonderful brother Greg ordered two big cones of cotton for me. One is purple and the other turquoise.  I feel another cushion idea coming on

You can also see that I tried to hide my daughter's sewing machine with my crochet, don't think it will help though.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Almost there....

The date on my last post confirms that I have been away quite some time. I have been quite busy on the crochet front trying to get a few cushions together. The problem that I have been having is that I make one side of a cushion then just when I think I have a nice matching back to the cushion, I decide that it's either too nice to be just a back or that it doesn't quite go.

This means that instead of one complete cushion, I actually have two new fronts both waiting for backs! I have done this quite a few times (quite frustrating) but now I am down to one lovely flowery front and I am being really careful to make sure that I make the appropriate back so I don't start all that nonsense over again :)

On the bright side, I will soon have 7 different cushions to show! It's quite funny really.

Here is a sneak preview of what is to come next week.

Saturday 27 February 2010

Flowery Scarf

I thought I'd post a more recent project as the previous bags were done quite a while ago.

So here is my flowery scarf. I finished it a few weeks ago and am quite proud of it. I know it's very girly but that's the way I felt when I crocheted it :)

Tuesday 23 February 2010

My First Post!

Well, it's finally here!  After much deliberation, I have finally decided to start a Blog.  I suppose it will consist mostly of my crochet projects but I also hope to overcome my fear of the sewing machine over the next few months so we will see what else comes out of that.

Okay, let me tell you a bit about myself and why I have decided to 'Blog'. 

I have loved crochet since I first discovered it sometime between the age of 12-14.  I'd tried knitting and eventually managed to be an 'ok' knitter but crochet just seemed to be so much more interesting. Anyway I got myself a book and that was it - I was hooked (pardon the pun) 

I sold my first bit of crochet a few months after I first began and have sold a few pieces now and then when I felt like it (anything ranging from a tunic to a bag or a scarf) but never really tried to do it seriously. I am now a 30 - something mum of three and am enjoying the crochet more than ever!

I will be adding some of my current projects on here over the next few weeks but I'll start with a few pictures of a few bags that I crocheted a few years ago 

I'd love to know what you think

My 'ice-cream bag' 

The 'Bubblegum Backpack'

'Wavy Bag'

I'll be back with some recent and current projects very soon :)