Saturday 29 January 2011

Questions and Answers

I mentioned in my previous post that I would create a fresh post to answer some of the questions that you wanted answers for and so here it is.

First, however, I would like to ask all of you a couple questions as I could do with some good advice from fellow crafters.

I've been seriously addicted to making those little or not so little pin cushions you can see in the picture above.  I was considering putting them on etsy or having a page where I could sell them. In the beginning I would like all of the money (if I take the option to sell and if anyone is interested) to go to a school for disabled children that I know of.  What do you think?  Would anyone be interested in them?

Secondly I wonder what you think about the best way to reply to comments on my blog.  I've been lucky enough to have some lovely comments on my last few posts and I want to reply to everyone BUT do I reply here on my blog?  Do I reply here on my blog to each comment?  Do I go over to your blog and comment there because really when I see the lovely things on your blog I want to talk about what you have done and not my last post (most of the time). Do I send an email if you have one?  I love to comment on your posts when there is a new one and not only if you've left a comment for me.  So what do you think is the best thing to do as blogger has no reply function?

I'd really appreciate your comments on both of my questions.

Now for the Answers to your Questions

  1. Which yarn did I use for my cushions? I used acrylic for the ones in the pictures above. I have done others in cotton and pure wool and I will post some pictures of these in the near future.  I prefer wool and cotton yarn above acrylic if I can get it as the stitches come out more defined and the overall look is better.
  2. do you crochet the front to the back or sew them together, and how do you do the bits for the buttons, I can't figure it out? I crochet them together but leave an opening for the cushion insert.  sometimes I crochet the right sides together but have found that it looks nice if you crochet with the wrong sides together. For the buttons I do a row of something like 8 double crochet then 2 chain, miss out a stitch and then 8 double crochet, 2 chain miss a stitch and so on. (this is done on the side that is opposite where the buttons will be sewn and so the chain parts form the loops for the buttons to go through) If I get more requests I can do a tutorial
  3. I have a lot of crocheted fronts but I'm not at all good with a sewingmachine and have no idea of how to put a fabric back on a crocheted front which is exactly what I'd want to do. I read you have that very same 'problem' ;) I keep hoping someone will put an very step by step tutorial of that on their blog... no luck so far, just finished masterpieces without tutorials. Maybe I'd better just crochet backs for the fronts...I have thought a lot about this and I also want to be able to do some cushions with fabric backs.  It would be nice partly so you can have a different look and partly because sometimes you want to be much quicker in finishing your cushion and the main front of the cushion is the showcase and you don't need a crochet back. Sometimes of course only a crochet back would do. Sooo I have decided after asking this same question of other people myself many times even before I had a blog and not finding a tutorial anywhere that I WILL find out how to do it properly and then post a step-by-step tutorial. I have a pretty good idea now anyway after attending my sewing class and watching a few sewing videos on youtube ( I will conquer this sewing thing) so watch this space, it may take me a few weeks but I will get there.
  4. I'd definitely buy something from you at a craft fair. Do you have one in mind? See my questions above.  I would consider it if it seems like a good idea.  I have to crochet and really can't stop, I am running out of places to store all my bits and bobs and have so many more ideas I haven't even tried yet.  There is a craft fair local to me but they won't be back until Spring so we will see how it goes and if I get enough favourable answers then I'll let you know :)
  5. I've been asked if I will be doing any tutorials. Yes I have two that I want to do for you in February and will be preparing the first one in a week or so.

I would really love to hear what you think about any of the above, favourable or not favourable, I will appreciate every comment

Update: Thank you all so much for your comments.  They were all very helpful and I'm so lucky to have you out there. Rachael Xx


  1. I have my comments sent straight to my email, so I reply through there if the commentor has their email attached. If not, I sometimes go to their blog to see if they have an email address there or I leave a comment

  2. What a lovely blog you have here. So glad to have found you today. I'm a new follower here, for sure.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

    Thanks for popping by to see Lord of the Rings.

  3. I just came across your blog, Your crochet work in your blog header is gorgeous!Depending on the question I usually answer the person thru email and then also in the comments on my blog where they asked the question, so everyone else can see the answer too in case it is something that they might be wondering about too.

  4. i think normal etiquate applies in that one responds like with like. i.e. a comment requires a response via commenting, an email via emailing and so on.
    i like to thank everyone for each of their comments. this takes time and so they may not hear from me the same day, but i do try to reply within the same week.
    i also like to comment on other blogs i like as they update. but often due to time limitations i have to prioritise, visiting my commenters blogs first.
    i know some people on flickr that recieve up to 200, sometimes more comments daily and manage to respond to each one. there seems to be an etiquate there that says 'don't post and run'. this is good manners but jolly time consuming. of course i suppose if it gets out of hand one could always close their comments until they have caught up.

    in answer to your second question. yes! i would definitely be interested in buying your little pin cushions.
    i am also looking forward to your tutotials :o)

    warmest wishes


  5. You ask some good questions. Mostly I think you should do what you can or want to.. it shouldn't become laborious. Sometimes I respond to comments in my own comment field.. but I wonder if people actually come back and see the comment. My way is.. sometimes I comment back, but MOSTLY what I do is read my "fave blog" posts as they come out and comment to THEIR blogs. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules. I know bloggers that get hundreds of comments and there is no way for them to respond to all of them. Just do what feels right and it will work out. :-)

    Teresa in Oregon

  6. Hi Rachael, thank you for your lovely comment on creJJtion! And I love the above posted picture... so great all those colours. When it comes to answering your questions: first of all: what you plan to do is probably the best. Q1: I am not selling anything on the web nor am I a big internetshopper. But, I must say, I like the pincushions, might buy one, and love the idea of giving back a part or all the money you are making to a charity-program.
    Q2: I know the doubts about responding to your comments. I sometimes do both. Like now for example, I am getting back to you. The basic thing is, everyone in blogland loves to get comments, don´t they? But you should have time left to do other things instead of just blogging... so mix it, would be my suggestion.

    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Love, Maaike

  7. I asked the same question a while ago (comments). I've found that there is not really any right or wrong way. I like to leave comments on other peoples blogs, and answer any questions that may be asked.
    I hope that helps!
    I also think that if you were to sell your pin cushions, they would be very popular,and sell really well.

  8. Well hello my lovely, in response to your q&a i respond on my blog but that's just me i dont know wether anyone returns to read them but that's part of one of the snag's with blogger, so i can fully understand your questioning on this one xx
    etsy shop sure go for it, i'd buy one yess they're gorgeous xx

  9. I would most definitely want to buy one - they are amazing!

    Re: Responding - If it is a direct question then I tend to comment on their blog but since reading the comment from Casey, I now know another way!!

  10. Hi Rachael,
    I often do the same way as Casey does. But write an Q&A post like you are doing is another great idea!
    By the way, I love your gorgeous crochet, really beautiful! Amazing work!!!
    Have a lovely day! xxx

  11. Hi,

    I don't have my own blog but I wouldn't expect a blogger to respond individually to each and every comment left if the questions are all related. I think it's a pain to keep track of questions I've left and revisiting to see if a response has been made. I think how you responded here is perfect.

    I definitely think a market exist for your items. They are beautiful and your plan to donate the funds is awesome. Another idea is to sell the pattern on Ravelry - a few months ago I purchased a pin cushion pattern for 3.00 EUR.

    I look forward to more of your work.


  12. I would say don't answer comments inthe comments section because it is unlikely that someone woouldd look back over comments to see if you have replied to them. Takes too long and there are too many other blogs to comment on. Instead, I get all my comments sent to me and that way I can reply to them if they have their email displayed. If they dont then just do as you have done and do a post or add it to a post. xxx

  13. Thanks so much for answering my question, I understand now and will give it a go.
    In terms of how to reply to people, I prefer to visit that persons blog and reply in their comments section of their latest post as they may not come back to read your reply in your own comments (or if you are me, forget which blog you asked on!). But if you reply in your comments as least others get to share in the reply too. Perhaps both, reply in your comments and just copy and paste your reply into their comments. Just a thought. Thanks again.
    Kandi x

  14. hi great questions i tend to do both leave a reply to the comment on my blog and also visit the persons blog and leave a reply on theirs I'm sure you would sell lots of your pincushions if you decided to do that,I have a few old cushions and intend to crochet squares for the front of them. good luck in everything you do

  15. Your blog I really like
    and I also like the button-crocheted flowers!
    I will follow your descriptions ..
    Have a nice time

  16. hi its me again when i made the above comment i didn't know you had visited my blog and left a comment lol thanks very much for visiting

  17. First, I think people would buy very happy your work!!
    second, I have no idea how to resolve that comments issue! I have it too! if you find out, please let me know! I'm going to read now what others have told you to see if I can get an aswer to it!

  18. Please, respond in the comment section! Readers ask such good questions, and I'd love to know the answers - because I'll often have the same questions for you! I love your blog and your work - just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi
    I came across your blog and immediately fell in love with your wonderful crochet creations. I think the pin cushions are delightful and I would buy one so definitely think of Folksy or Etsy. As for replies to comments, put in comments so other readers can see your replies. If you have the time an email would be good if they leave their address. I shall be popping by frequently to view your next creations!

  20. For me if someone asks a question i tend to reply to their comment via email as not everyone comes back to a blog and rereads a previous post, having said that, some ask qustions and then i have trouble finding and email for them so reply in the commments. does that make sense??

  21. Your blog is fun, fresh and informative. I agree with Teresa and say to do what you want and can do. I answer some on the comments section, others I will email or comment on their blog. It all works out.

  22. Hello, Rachael, thanks for the tip. His works are wonderful, I loved your blog. I still have no way of crochet, but I'm training.
    Congratulations, your blog is beautiful, the work and pictures, in good taste.
    My English is weak, but not to leave a big hug and Kisses.
    I loved the pillows. :)

  23. Go for it - they are super good and most people would love knowing their money is going to a great cause too!

  24. Why not consider selling the pattern for the pincushions.

  25. Whenever I comment on a blog I genuinely never expect a personal reply. Sometimes I get an email from blogs where I comment regularly - just every now and then, which is lovely. Other people may respond to points people raise on the comments. I always think of the blog as being the bloggers communication tool and although I know you comment on each others blogs - which is nice, I think if you don't have a blog you can't expect your very own reply all the time. I realise how long it takes to write a blog, which is something I respect and appreciate. I don't therefore expect you to come chasing after me unless you really want to! Mostly I comment to say I like something, I don't need thanks for this - my thanks is your writing a lovely blog for me to respond to in the first place.

  26. I just found your blog and love it! you do some wonderful work!
    i would love it if you would do a tutorial for the pincushions! i would even buy a PDF version!

  27. I like it when I leave a comment on a blog and it asks if I would like to have a reply sent to my email address. That way I won't miss a response should I get one. I think your pin cushions are fantastic, beautiful to look at and colourful. It's an old thing done in a lovely fresh, modern way. I would like one.


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