Sunday 16 January 2011

Handmade Pressies

This last Christmas I got a bit fed up with all the same old, same old in the shops and thought people would appreciate something that I'd made myself and that no-one else would have.  It was also a lot easier than trawling around the crowded shops in the snow.

I meant to show you my handmade Christmas pressies much earlier but somehow I ran out of time and didn't even manage to take any pictures of any of the things I made before I had to wrap them up and give them out. I had to ask my brother to pictures of the little bag I made for his girlfriend.  I was quite pleased with it.  He took the pictures with his camera phone so they are not amazing but I'm grateful that he found the time to do it for me.

 I put little turquoise beads on the handle

The colours of the bag are chocolate brown, pale cream and duck egg blue.  100% cotton.

He didn't manage to take a picture of what the bag looks like closed but it has a drawstring and it the top is all frilly when it pulled together.

The bottom of the bag

I really enjoyed making this bag and can see myself making a little family of them quite soon.

Yay me, I now have more than 50 followers - Thank you everyone Xx  This means that my next post will be a giveaway.  I have some nice goodies for you and I hope you will take part.  I should have the post ready in just a day or two so make sure you look in on me soon :)


  1. Oh! Such a cute little bag, love the beads on the handle.

  2. This bag is very nice Rachael. I like the edge en beads on the handle.

  3. Rachel how lovely!
    Can I be cheeky and ask where you got the pattern from?
    I would love to have a go myself!
    Thanks for showing us

    Karen x x x

  4. Hi Rachael, what a beautiful make! Love it! Thankyou for my award, that is really very lovely of you! I shall endeavour to write a post shortly!

    Have a lovely day!

    Vanessa x

  5. That is so clever! I love you colour choices and the daisy is just gorgeous - I bet she was please with such a pressie!

  6. Oh so pretty, including the fabric lining and those adorable turquoise beads. What a lucky girl to receive this special gift :-)

  7. Hi Rachael, just **LOVE** the bag. As a beader, seeing the beads on it was a plus. Good job!!

    Teresa from Oregon

  8. So beautiful, Rachael! I love the bag, the colors and lovely flower hexagons as well!
    You are the first person who comment on my PIF post, so I will send you a pressie!
    Please drop me an email to tell me your full name and mailing address! Thanks for participating!

  9. this little bag is so lovely! i really do love everything about it.. your brother's girlfriend must have been so delighted to recieve it.
    the lining and the beaded handle are so pretty and the colours and design are beautiful. it's perfect.

  10. Beautiful bag, nicely done! Love your bog. Will be browsing for sure.

  11. wow this bag is absolutely amazing Rachael! Is it your own design? I love it... she must be very happy with it! Love, Maaike

  12. Beautiful colors and the beads really set it off. Just lovely.

  13. The bag is gorgeous and far nicer than anything that can be bought.


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